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Being ‘tough’ is more than just the physical. Building mental resilience and the mental health of our community is key - now, more than ever before.

This is why we have chosen to partner with batyr.


Tragically, suicide remains the leading cause of death for young people in Australia. In 2020-2021, 2 in 5 young people aged 16-24 experienced mental ill-health, with almost one third experiencing anxiety.

batyr train young people and carers with a lived-experience of mental ill-health to share their stories in a safe and impactful way, with a focus on hope, resilience, help-seeking and the recovery journey. They engage young people to create positive spaces that educate and normalise conversations about mental health, and that are free from stigma.

batyr’s vision is to create a world where all young people lead mentally healthy and fulfilling lives.


Support our cause and find out more at batyr.

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